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Hear Fine has accounts with a variety of manufacturers, deals with all styles, and readily supplies a suite of technology-bolstered devices. We offer the top brands of hearing aids, such as those from Oticon, Signia (formely Siemens), Phonak and many more. Book a hearing test and find the best hearing aids for you. Through our hearing aid consultations, we determine not only the hearing solution that is optimal for your specific needs, but one that is the most affordable, reliable and personable.


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The Best Hearing Aid prices in Ottawa

The Best Hearing Aid prices in Ottawa

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Finance your hearing aids for 36 months!

Finance your hearing aids for 36 months!

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Hearing Aids Ottawa: The Process



You will always communicate with a knowledgeable professional. Our audiologist will even help you book your appointment.



An explanation of your results is given in simple terms. This will help us determine the hearing aid that is best for your unique needs.



Leave with an official prescription when you book a test. We don’t hide our prices (just ask us) and we carry all the latest technology. You can count on us for the most affordable and reliable hearing aids in the area.

Interesting Benefits & Features of Hearing Aids

  • Reduces the Rate of Dementia

  • Reduces the Risk of Falls

  • Increases Social Life

  • Improves Self-Esteem

  • Decreased Stress

  • Fully Automatic with 7 Programs!

  • Integrated Phone Apps

  • Bluetooth: TV, Phones, etc.

  • Connect to the Internet

  • Frequency Shifting


Whether it’s the best price on specific hearing aids in Ottawa, or a technology you require from a hearing aid that is unique to your lifestyle, you can count on us for great prices and reliable products that are built with customer satisfaction firmly in mind. In this sense, getting a free hearing test is the first step in determining the ideal hearing aid for you. Once you’re ready to bring home one of our sophisticated hearing devices, you’ll find that you can do so at the best prices in the area. Combined with a free pack of free rechargeable batteries and charger as well as dedicated professional follow-up service, you can be assured of absolute quality, affordability and value.

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Consultation – We Aim to Educate

Let Hear Fine educate you on your hearing loss, and give you solutions that are personalized to your needs. You will leave with a full understanding of your hearing loss, guaranteed!

Need a second opinion? Have you been told you need hearing aids that cost $5,000, or even $6,000? Be confident with your final decision and let us speak with you. We’re honest, transparent, and affordable, and you can save even more through one of our value-centric payment plans.

Hearing Aid Styles

There are reasons behind each style choice. Let Hear Fine guide you in what’s best for your unique hearing loss.


  • Mini CIC- Virtually invisible. Recommended for Mild to Moderately-Severe hearing losses.
  • Completely in the Canal (CIC)- Less visible. Recommended for Mild to Moderately-Severe hearing losses. Custom built.
  • In the Canal- Mild to Moderately-Severe hearing losses. Custom built.
  • In the Ear (ITE)- Mild to Severe hearing losses. Extremely easy to manipulate. Custom built.
  • Open-Fit- Less visible. Recommended for most types of hearing losses. Optimal for high-frequency hearing losses with normal hearing in the low-frequencies. Generic tip or attaches to a custom earmold.
  • Behind the Ear (BTE)- All types types of hearing losses. Attaches to custom earmold.