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Hearing Test

Patient getting his hearing testing in his own home by an Audiologist.

Do you have difficulties with transportation?


Do you have difficulties with transportation? We will drive to your home or retirement residence in Ottawa if you are unable to travel for a hearing test and for hearing aids.

$90 + Mileage=$0.60/km from our location at 2249 Carling Ave.

Hearing test fees are refundable if hearing aids are purchased the same day as assessment.*

Our diagnostic equipment is not only the gold-standard when it comes to accuracy, but is lightweight and portable. Even when a hearing test needs to be performed outside of a soundproof booth, the results we then use to program hearing aids are always validated and accurate. Thanks to our portable audiological equipment we can provide you with the best hearing health care service available so you can hear all the sounds of life to the fullest.

*2 aids must be purchased for refund.