Custom Ear Plugs Ottawa

Here you will find a variation of ear plugs for different types of needs. More attenuation isn't always better so if you have any question please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Neil Fine, Ottawa Audiologist and Founder of Hear Fine, fitting a patients ears with an ear mold.
Musician Ear Plg

Musicians ear plugs
$140 each

Musicians ear plugs are engineered to mimic the natural response of the open ear. Sound retains its original quality but is quieter. Conventional ear plugs muffle speech and music and reduce sound more in the high frequencies. In contrast, musicians ear plugs allow you to distinguish each tone, hear the blend clearly, and feel the bass.  

Full noise ear plug

Full noise EAR PLUGS
$85 EACH

Looking for the highest possible sound attenuation? These plugs are ideal for individuals exposed to industrial noise, construction equipment, or recreational activities with high levels of noise such as woodworking, shooting, or motor sports. These plugs provide up to 29dB of attenuation. Full noise ear plugs are preferred over disposable foam plugs as they are far more comfortable and less expensive in the long run due to their long lifespan. 

Sleep ear plug

$90 EACH

These plugs are the ultimate in comfort while sleeping and ideal for that snoring spouse. Additionally they protect and provide comfort from annoying outside noises such as traffic, or poorly insulated or soundproofed buildings. This style is also of benefit for recreational activities such as motorcycling, motorboating, snowmobiling, ATV riding, or any individual who needs to wear a helmet over top hearing protection.

Swim ear plug

$90 EACH

Bottom line: Swim molds keep water out of your ears. If you are prone to ear infections or just don't like getting water in your ears this is the perfect product for you. Keep your ears dry and your molds safe with our floatable option ($10), and choose from a variety of colours. Feel like making them fun? Add swirls for an extra $10!

Headphones with a custom earpiece

$100 EACH

Whether you have traditional earbuds or in-ear monitors with a nozzle, you are able to secure them in your ear with custom earmolds. Having the earmolds securely holding your earpiece in your ear it will channel the auditory signal to the wearer’s ears for optimal and consistent sound quality and exceptional comfort.