Hearing Test Ottawa

Neil Fine, Ottawa Audiologist and Founder of Hear Fine, testing a patients hearing.

What to expect at your hearing test


CASE History

An Audiologist will assess your case history to get a good background on any past hearing issues and complications. This helps us better understand the root of the problem.



We’ll then perform an examination of the ear with an otoscope. This device helps us look at the external canal and tympanic membrane of the ear and to see any visible issues with your ear.


Eardrum Motility

We check the ability of the eardrum to move spontaneously and independently.


Hearing Acuity

Hearing acuity is the clarity with which you hear and is a measurement of how well you hear. At this stage, we’ll determine if you have a hearing loss, where it is occurring, and if a hearing aid is needed. If a hearing aid is not the answer, we still explain on how to correct the issue.


Speech Understanding

A speech understanding test will assess how well you can make out words. This helps see how much you will benefit from a hearing aid.


Wax Removal

Sometimes, it could just be ear wax causing your hearing loss. If this is the case, we’ll remove it quickly and simply.


Our audiologist will complete a full hearing assessment using a battery of methods as listed below to assess: Do you have a hearing loss? If so, how much? Where is it occurring? How do we treat it?

The results will be explained in simple terms and will let you know if you just need an annual hearing test, perhaps a visit to your GP, a referral to an ENT (ear nose and throat specialist), or hearing aids.

If hearing aids are needed we can have a further discussion as to the best make, model, and style based on your unique hearing needs and desires on how YOU want it to function.

Lastly, we highly encourage you to bring a family member with you to the assessment. Family members bring an added perspectives to how you are hearing and many times people have learned more about their loss during the consultation! 


How Hearing Works


Hearing Test Ottawa

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