Hearing Aid User? 5 Travel Tips

Before packing your bags to head off on your vacation you should plan to take proper care of your hearing aids during your travels. There are a few things you should consider when packing your bags and when you’re out exploring and enjoying your travel adventure to ensure that you have everything you need to keep your hearing at its best during your holiday. Here we outline the top five travel tips for hearing aid users:

Pack Extra Batteries

When it comes to batteries, you should always bring enough to last your entire trip. You should also have a backup plan that involves knowing the battery sizes and their corresponding colour codes, as well as where to buy batteries close to where you are vacationing. You don’t want to be out of batteries halfway through your vacation without any idea of how and where to purchase new ones. If your hearing aids have a built-in rechargeable battery, ensure you bring the charging kit and a travel power converter.  

Purchase a Dehumidifier Kit

If you are heading south to a hotter climate, purchase a dehumidifier kit (also called a travel hearing aid dryer) to remove moisture and perspiration from your hearing aids. They can help keep your hearing aids sanitized, which will help keep your eardrums clean and healthy during your trip.

Bring All Your Cleaning Aid Supplies

Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you should slack off on with your regular hearing aid maintenance. Make sure you pack your case, brushes, wax guards, replacement domes, as well as a cloth for easy cleaning. Take some time each day to give your hearing aids the proper care they require.

Be Prepared for the Airport

Airports can be loud and noisy. Many hearing aids have the ability to pick up the magnetic fields that are transmitted by the PA systems in airports. This allows you to hear all of the airport updates and changes without irritating background noise.  You do not have to remove hearing aids to go through security scans, but have any assistive listening devices ready to be scanned by the x-ray machine.

Hearing aids don’t have to be a nuisance during your holiday travels. Follow these tips and you can have an enjoyable, stress-free vacation!