How to Maximize Hearing Aid Battery Life

Looking to get the most out of your hearing aid batteries? Although they’re relatively inexpensive, having to replace these little batteries frequently can easily add up. Though hearing aid battery life will vary, if you are only getting a few days out of your batteries there may be something you can do. By incorporating some of these best practices into your regular routine, you can save time and money by maximizing the life of your hearing aid batteries.

What Decreases the Life of Hearing Aid Batteries?

Before learning what you can do to extend the battery life, it’s important to understand what type of things can deplete them more rapidly. Some of the most common factors that can drain batteries faster include:

·         High humidity levels (damp air)

·         Low humidity levels (dry air)

·         Extreme temperatures (very high or very low)

·         Sudden temperature fluctuations

·         High altitude

6 Ways to Get the Most out of your Battery Life

There are a variety of ways that you can counteract the effects of these common factors that drain hearing aid batteries. Here are a few of the most effective:

1.    Store in an Area With Moderate Humidity Levels

Humidity levels are important for keeping your batteries charged and working. If the humidity is too high or even too low, it can drain the battery by removing the moisture from the device that protects the batteries. If you can keep your hearing aid batteries in a room with a dehumidifier or whatever it takes to achieve a moderate level of humidity – this can help keep the batteries charged longer.

2.    Store at Room Temperature

In addition to humidity levels, avoid exposing your batteries to excessive heat or cold temperatures. This includes placing them in direct sunlight such as near a window.

3.    Let Batteries Sit for a Few Minutes Before Installing

As a rule of thumb, always allow batteries to sit for a few minutes before installing them as this can help maximize their energy.

4.    Remove from Hearing Aid at Night

Once you take out your hearing aids, make a habit of removing the batteries as well. Keeping them in the device can cause them to drain faster. Keeping the battery door wide open with the battery still in is perfect.

5.    Clean the Inside of Hearing Aids

It’s also helpful to keep the inner area of the hearing aid clean to help extend battery life. You can use a cotton swab to do this.

6.    Pack Extra Batteries Whenever You Go Out

Another good rule of thumb to remember is to carry an extra set of batteries with you so that you can be prepared if your batteries ever die unexpectedly, or at an inconvenient time.

Hearing Aids with Rechargeable Batteries

The latest hearing aid models come with a built-in, rechargeable battery to simplify your life. Simply plug in the hearing aids to the charging station overnight, and wake up to fully charged hearing aids. Rechargeable hearing aids from trusted manufacturers like Signia (formerly Siemens Audiology), Unitron, and Phonak, save hundreds of disposable batteries over their lifetimes.

Get the most out of your hearing aids batteries with these simple tips! Stop by our clinic or request a home visit for more tips on how to get the most out your hearing aids.