How Siemens Audiology Solutions Became Sivantos

In the world of hearing aids there are 8 major brands as follows (no particular order):

1.     Signia (formerly SIEMENS)
2.     Phonak
3.     Unitron
4.     Oticon
5.     Bernafon
6.     ReSound
7.     Widex
8.     Starkey

For many years Siemens has been a trusted hearing aids brand.  You may know them as the brand with the "rechargeable hearing aid." Beyond hearing aids Siemens is also known globally as the largest manufacturing and electronics company in Europe.

However, on January 15, 2015, things changed (for the better). Siemens sold its hearing aid business to the investment company EQT, with Germany’s Strüngmann family as co-investor. Since then, the group name of the former Siemens Audiology Solutions has been Sivantos Group.

The change of control provided Sivantos with additional entrepreneurial freedom and flexibility, while enabling it to continue a successful growth rate of the last few years. Sivantos Group markets it's hearing aid brand now as Signa.

Sivantos Group recognizes the trust people have had with Siemens and is currently still co-branding their products Siemens and Signia as seen below.


Most notable is their latest release in Canada as of January 9th 2016, is the Signia Cellion which is a new type of rechargeable hearing aid that can last 24 hours even while streaming to bluetooth devices. 


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